Westside Dance Company
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Studio Policies

Westside Dance Company has policies in place for the safety and security of each student. All WDC students are requested to review and abide by the policies shown below.

If you have questions about any of our rules or policies, please contact the studio.


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Studio Rules


Tuition Policies

2021 Tuition
Tuition is calculated by the total hours that students are enrolled in classes. Below you will find our current tuition rates:

Note: We do not offer refunds, only studio credit.

1 hour of dance$60
1.5 hours of dance$90
2 hours of dance$110
2.5 hours of dance$120
3 hours of dance$150
3.5 hours of dance$175
4 hours of dance$190
4.5 hours of dance$215
5 hours of dance$225
5.5 hours of dance$245
6 or more hours of dance$255

A 50% sibling discount will be applied when 2 or more family members are enrolled in classes.

Tuition Due Dates
Tuition is due monthly by the 1st of each month and considered past due after the 5th. We do not pro-rate for missed classes, but you are always welcome to make-up in another class. Please ask your instructor for make-up class times

How to Make Payments
Westside Dance Company uses a safe and secure web-based accounting system which allows parents/guardians to log-in and view their account details and make payments. Payments can be set-up for automatic payment each month. Payments may still be made by cash or credit card at the front office. Please contact us if you have any questions.



We stress safety to all dancers. It is imperative that everyone understands the importance of safety. Dancers are required to wear a cover-up to and from the studio and when possible travel with a buddy outside of the studio.

Parents, please have a discussion with your children about walking to surrounding stores during breaks. Please do not drop your children off more than 5 minutes prior to the studio opening and please be there to pick them up as soon as their class is done.



Email is our main source of communication. It is the responsibility of each parent to regularly check their email for studio updates and details. If you are not receiving emails from us, please check your junk or promotions folders and/or verify with us that we have the correct email address on file.


Dress Code

Any color leotard and pink tights.
Ballet skirts are optional, and should be no longer than to the top of thigh.
Hair must be in a bun.
SHOES: Ballet shoes are required. Pointe shoes should be fitted based on each child’s needs.

Jazz - Contemporary - Tap
Leotards, form-fitting tanks, or a sports bra.
No baggy t-shirts or sweats. -Dance clothes only. No street wear.
Hair must be pulled back in some fashion. -
SHOES: Jazz shoes for Jazz; Barefoot for Contemporary; Tap shoes for tap.

Hip Hop
T-shirts, sweat pants, sweatshirts, jackets, and hats are all permitted in Hip Hop class.
SHOES: Tennis shoes are required. Make sure your tennis shoes are clean and only used in the studio.


Inclement Weather Policy

If the Blue Valley School District is closed due to snow or severe weather, the studio will probably also be closed. However, sometimes the weather may clear up enough to have our evening classes. Therefore, the decision for class cancellations will posted on the website and Facebook by 3:00 pm. In the event of a weather-related cancellation, there are no class refunds.


Company Members Policies